The lake is rising very slowly and is now about 6 inches below the top of the dam. Best guess now is that we won't spill water over the dam without a major rain in the near future. Summer levels should allow normal use of the lake.

There will be an in person annual meeting in mid to late August. An important issue will be electing several new members to the board. The existing board has several open positions. They were left open to allow our membership to choose new directors.  Several current Board members who have served for 15 or 20 years are ready to retire when replacements are found. I'm especially interested in finding a young lawyer who is a property owner and will commit to a long time on the Board. I will continue to serve while I am able, but as I approach 80, it is timeto slow down.

We need several new members who are committed to further our primary mission of protecting water quality in the Brickle Creek/Spirit Lake watershed. Please consider serving or pressuring a neighbor to servr. We need new blood to continue. COVID taught us that we can have virtual meetings or participation. Don't let the fact that you don't live in the local area discourage you from sharing your expertise.