Near 40 degrees here today. Only 2 inches snow left on sun exposed areas, but lots in shaded areas.  Lake is frozen in most areas, but ice is soft and  generally unsafe to walk on.

Lake is about 32 inches below ordinary high water and came up only an inch last week.  The good news is that the water content on Mt. Spokane is about normal for this time of year. It's too early to accurately predict high water because temperatures and precipitation make a huge difference, but my guess is that if we don't fill the lake, we will be very close and will have near normal summer levels.

M.O.U. draft was sent to S.W. Construction for approval or suggested changes. When that agreement is recorded, the City will prepare and submit the application for a construction permit and then select a contractor to build the new dam.

It looks like Congress is going to give many of us another $1,400 each. Please send part (or all) of that to SLPOA for the dam fund.