Lots of rain, then high winds.  The lake is up 19 inches in the last 2 weeks to 31 inches below normal high water. This is the highest its been this time of year for at least 20 years.  Winds uprooting and breaking trees left much of the Spirit Lake, Rathdrum, Athol areas without power for some time. Towns got power back in a few hours, but much of the lake's North shore was dark for 30 hours before the great Avista crews could replace poles and down lines, Those crews worked 36 hours, got 6 hours off then started a series of 18 hour work periods. Thank them if you see Avista workers.

Lots of down trees around, but I haven't seen any direct hits on homes here at the lake -though there are probably some out there. The wind was from the south which may have somewhat protected South shore cabins, but without  a boat in the nearly ice free main lake, I haven't been able to check that side out. It looks like we did not get nearly as much damage as Spokane.

3 p.m. addition:  4 Avista trucks and crews arrived at Bronze Bay launch and all crews boated across the lake. Apparently there are issues on the South shore too.