It's been a long time since the last post, but that doesn't mean nothing has happened.  We have been working on an agreement with the City of Spirit Lake to co sponsor an application to rebuild the outlet dam.  We also have to get the agreement of the new owners of the former Sempre property on the West side of the pond.  It looked like we had everything worked out when the City's attorney quit without notice and stopped responding to me and to the City.

The City Council approved an agreement with a new City attorney on Dec. 8. I gave the City copies of a number of documents the new attorney will have to review to become familiar with the issues. Hopefully he will accept the agreement that the old attorney drafted and we can get the permit and start another round of fund raising  for our project.

I do want to remind you all that the special IRS charitable deduction provision giving an additional $300 deduction for those who don't itemize is in effect for the 2020 tax year. Please consider using that tax break to make a $300 to us before the end of the year.

The lake level has continued to fall because of the dry fall weather. It was 5 feet below normal high water on Dec. 7, but recent snow and rain have raised the level slightly and the NOAA forecast call for substantially increased precipitation and the lake will begin to rise.

Neither of our websites have been very active or informative the last few months. I apologize for that and ask you all to tell your friends to start checking this site regularly because it will be kept current as we go forward.