2/3 inch of rain and warmer nights last week brought the lake up 6.5 inches to just 8 inches below normal high water. The water equivalent in the remaining snowpack on Mt. Spokane is dropping dramatically. My guess is that without heavy rain in the next two weeks, we will probably see high water slightly below normal.  Higher than 2015 but dropping a little earlier than other recent years.

The City will probably not have to pull any boards from the dam. That is good because the support structure for the removable boards is one of the weak spots in the present dam. We still need to raise more money before construction contracts can be awarded. Please consider an additional, possibly tax deductible, gift to the Associations dam fund.  If you are getting a Caronavirus stimulus check or direct deposit and don't really need the bonus money, sending us all or part of your family's stimulus windfall is a painless way to help our worthy cause